Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things to do in Los Angeles

If you're looking for things to do in Los Angeles, look no further than just below the world famous Hollywood sign.  It's there that you will find the Sunset Ranch Hollywood. Established in 1929, the Sunset Ranch has been offering horseback rides to residents of Los Angeles and tourists alike, for over 50 years.

Once saddled up and leaving the ranch for your breathtaking ride through Griffith Park, you will be as close to the Hollywood sign as anyone can be, legally. Although just minutes from Hollywood Blvd, you will feel like you are miles away. The air is clean, the views are spectacular, and the serenity that you experience on the back of your horse, is something you will never forget.

Just north of Franklin Avenue, at the very top of Beachwood Canyon Drive is where you will find Sunset Ranch Hollywood. There are plenty of horses to ride, and the staff is incredibly friendly and fun! Walk ups are accepted until 2:30 for two hour rides, and until 3:30 for one hour rides. Sunset Dinner Rides require a reservation which can be made through their website . So, if you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles, treat yourself and your loved ones to the experience of a lifetime- Horseback riding under the Hollywood sign at Sunset Ranch Hollywood!

Rides start at just $30 per hour, but a break in price is given for 2 hour rides as well as the Sunset Dinner Ride. They also have a BBQ ride every 3rd Saturday of each month. Sunset Ranch Hollywood is open 365 days per year, come rain or shine! The property is perfect for birthday parties, kids parties, and corporate parties. Sunset Ranch Hollywood is also a great film location in Los Angeles. Contact management for details.

Horseback Riding in Los Angeles

Sunset Ranch Hollywood
While visiting Los Angeles one will naturally migrate to Hollywood for all it's glitz and glamour. The biggest star in the city is the world famous Hollywood sign. She sits above Hollywood in Griffith park and can be seen from miles away. Locals and tourists alike are drawn to her for all that she represents - hopes and dreams/ stardom and success. She has graced the pages of coffee table books, postcards, t-shirts, and posters, to name just a few items. To get the best picture possible, tourists are often sent to Beachwood Canyon. More often than not, they will stand in the middle of the street just to get that perfect shot of the Hollywood sign.

Little do they know, the Hollywood sign would be much more accessible if they would drive just a few more miles up the road to horseback ride at Sunset Ranch Hollywood. That's right! Horseback riding in Los Angeles! Horseback riding in Hollywood, CA! Horseback riding just under the Hollywood sign! In fact, this is the closest you can get to the Hollywood sign, legally.

Sunset Ranch Hollywood was established in 1929 and has been offering it's famous Sunset Dinner Ride for over 50 years! This lovely horse facility has 1 and 2 hour rides throughout the day, BBQ rides every third Saturday of each month, and has been known to host the most memorable private parties for corporations and families, alike. Riders are amazed by the breathtaking views of Los Angeles, known to be the best views in Hollywood.

Visit today to book your ride. Your saddle sores will only last a few days, but the memories will last a lifetime!